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Magnets are a perfect customized gift for kids and even adults!

Unicorns are made out of draftboard - which does great being colored with crayons, paint, colored pencils, or most coloring mediums you have in your home!

NOTE: coloring supplies are * not * included. It's recommended to use colored pencil, crayon, or acrylic paint and to avoid using marker or watercolor paint (as the color bleeds on the wood).

Size: Magnets at the maximum length are about 2 inches.

Buy all 6 and get a surprise unicorn for free!


  • Handmade

  • Read the full list of materials

    Materials: draftwood, wood, basswood, walnut, cherry, cherry plywood, walnut plywood, magnets, magnet, draftboard, glowforge, laser cut, mdf

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