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These tiny fucks are perfect for any adult who is known to drop the f-word here and there.

18 fuck phrases to choose from - or make your own (up to 3 words).

The magnets are small - measuring at about 1 inch across. Also easy to sneak onto an unsuspecting parent's fridge which provides for a good laugh later (especially if they don't swear).

Choose one magnet at a time - or order all 18 (which is basically buying 15 and getting 3 for free).

Disclosure: This is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of the small humans and animals.


  • Handmade

  • Read the full list of materials

    Materials: wood, basswood, basswood plywood, laser cut, laser engraved, draftwood

Fuck Magnet Series | Wood Magnets | Fuck It Mini Magnets

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