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A commemorative ornament to perfectly sum up pretty much any year since 2020!

Laser cut acrylic hung on clear string to be a stunning and funny addition to any tree.... especially once friends realize the secret word.

Measures at about 3" (please note these are small ornaments!) and is 1/8" thick. Option to get a slightly larger version that is 4"

Color options to choose from: White (bright or soft), clear, blue, or green

Great gift for everyone who has a sense of humor and even better for white elephant gift exchanges.

NOTE: These ornaments are somewhat fragile and not intended to be handled by children. Keep out of reach of pets too!




  • Width: 3 inches

  • Height: 3 inches

  • Depth: 1/8 inches

  • Handmade

  • Read the full list of materials

    Materials: laser engraved, clear acrylic, white acrylic, pearl acrylic, acrylic, glowforge cut, laser cut, silver acrylic

Fuckflakes | 2022 3" or 4" Snowflake Ornaments | Acrylic Fuck Snowflake |

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