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being self-expressed

From working in the corporate world to creating businesses out of things I love

I don't know about you, but it feels like it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to 'do' in life. I bounced around between all sorts of jobs throughout my 20's attempting to find the right fit and didn't realize until my 30's that I didn't have to adapt to some cookie-cutter mold for my career. 

This is how I ended up creating three businesses. 

I love empowering people to be self-expressed, in any way, shape, or form. For me, self-expression is shown through art, music, and bringing people together. It is also expressed through food - but four businesses seemed like too many, so my friends and family get to benefit from that passion. 

Now, my time is split between teaching piano lessons, working with customers to create personalized gifts through art, and guiding amazing people to create events that are experienced with the communities they love. 

Getting to know me a bit more...

The basics: 

  • Born and raised in Seattle (and yes, actual Seattle about a 10 minute drive from the Space Needle before horrendous traffic became a thing).

  • Graduated from culinary school in 2015 - discovering my love for food and farming... and that I had no desire to work in the food industry.

  • Married to my handsome hubby, Cameron, in 2019 which also allowed me to become a bonus-mama to a now 5 year old little lady.

  • My favorite animal is my cat named Rhino. I'm obsessed. #crazycatladystatus

  • Moved to Anacortes, WA in 2019 soon after we got married and started up all three of my businesses in the fall of 2019.

That's a start for now - I'll add on more soon. Until then, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get glimpses into my life (I occasionally throw in personal posts). I'm most active on my @rhinocatdesigns pages - so check me out there. 

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