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Frannie - OB - Intimate Portrait Session

Who is this lady anyway?

From working in the corporate world to creating businesses out of things I love


Forging my own path

Anyone else ever feel like you didn't know what you wanted to "do" in life?

It took me forever to figure out what I actually wanted for a "career." My 20s were spent attempting to find the right fit, bouncing around between all sorts of jobs. My 30s was when it all started fall into place.

Laptop Plant Reflection

Creating businesses

I love empowering people to be self-expressed, in any way, shape, or form. For me, self-expression is shown through art, music, and bringing people together. It is also expressed through food - but four businesses seemed like too many, so my friends and family get to benefit from that passion. 


Self-expression through piano, art, & events

Now, my time is split between teaching piano lessons, working with customers to create personalized gifts through art, and guiding amazing people to create events that are experienced with the communities they love. 

A little more about me...

Image by Ben Dutton
Growing Up

Seattle Bred

Yes, I actually was raised in Seattle - about 10 minutes away from the Space Needle (before all of the tech companies took over the town).

I grew up loving art and could spend hours in my room making collages or homemade cards for all sorts of occasions. My artsy side was balanced by playing sports - I loved playing basketball from 4th grade to my senior year. 


My hubby, Cameron, and I got married in 2019 near Deception Pass on the beach which allowed me to become a bonus-mama to a 5-year-old little lady. We then moved up to Anacortes to get out of the crazy city noise and be closer to family. AND once we moved, we both started our own businesses. Crazy, right? Yes. I regret nothing.

At the Dinner Table

Culinary School

Not your expected background for someone who teaches piano, plans events, or uses a laser to make art, huh?


I have ALWAYS been obsessed with food and decided to throw my hat over the wall in 2014 and attend culinary school. I graduated in 2015 and decided restaurant work was not for me. It was the launching point for me to pursue a more artist career and allowed me to connect with many amazing individuals. It also had me appreciate where my food comes from, and created a love for growing my own food. We have a greenhouse and love growing all of our plants from seed. 

Food is still an obsession of mine - trying new recipes and enjoying delicious meals with friends and family. I love that food brings people together. 


Cats & Plants

Those count as hobbies, right?

This picture is my adorable cat, Rhino. He was a total a-hole and I'm completely obsessed with him (if you couldn't already tell by my art business name - RhinoCat Designs).  He recently passed away in 2021 but lives on through my art business. We now have a kitty named Odie who is the most playful kitten who keeps me on my toes and that I love.

When quarantine started in 2020, I began my journey to turn our house into a jungle. I now have over 50 plants, although some are questionably on their way to their afterlife. I specifically love my pothos and fiddle leaf fig. I'm now at the point where I've run out of windows to have plants in so it's curbed adding new plant babies to the house - but I'm getting creative in how I can get them all organized to fit!   


I'm most active on Instagram @CreativeHub.Anacortes, but you can get a hold of me any of the ways below.

Keyboard and Mouse


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