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piano lessons

Interested in learning how to play the piano?

Having a piano coach is different from having a teacher. Teaching typically is a one-way interaction focused on the teacher, while coaching is more interactive and focuses primarily on the student. I give my students tools to learn, observe them in lessons, and guide them on improvement with constructive feedback. The intention at each lesson is to give students a way to express themselves through music, relieve stress, challenge themselves by learning to site read, and all-the-while, enjoy the process.

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Piano Lessons offered
online and in-person

Piano lessons are offered weekly and customized to your learning style.


Each lesson is 30 minutes long and can be held in the studio or we can do the lessons online using Zoom. All in-person lessons are offered in Anacortes, WA.


Available for adults and kids 8 years and older. It's a great opportunity for all ages to learn, to strengthen both sides of their brain, improve memory function, develop discipline, and enjoy a life long skill.

Lesson tuition

All lessons are weekly for 30 minutes and monthly tuition includes the weekly lesson and standard lesson books


Lessons are available online through Google Meet.

Tuition: 130/month


Lessons held in teacher's studio in Anacortes, WA

Tuition: 130/month

Lesson Availability
I teach Monday through Thursdays in the afternoon up until 6PM. I do not teach Fridays, on the weekends, or after 6PM.

After-School Hours:
My schedule is currently full.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist or get contact information for other local teachers in Anacortes (or virtual teachers), please send me an email and I can let you know as soon as there is an opening in my schedule.

Morning / Early Afternoon Hours:
Eventually when I get things running smoothly at the new coffeeshop, I may be taking on additional students in the mornings or early afternoons. If you have a flexible schedule and are able to do a morning time or between 2 - 3PM on a weekday, please reach out and I will add you to my waiting list for when I open my schedule up to new students (most likely the fall of 2024)


Want to know more about the benefits of learning an instrument?

Watch my favorite YouTube video here:


notes from the coach

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I'm not your regular ol' piano 'teacher.' I began private lessons at 6 years old up until I started high school, where I joined the orchestra. After a few mortifying recitals and playing in front of my high school, I discovered I did not enjoy playing for the public. I enjoyed it the most when I played for my own entertainment.

Image by Marta Czubak

When playing at home, it brought down stress levels, calmed my nerves, and knowing what I know now - it definitely helped with my brain development (was a total wiz at math and still love creative problem solving as an adult).


I never planned on being a teacher, but friends wanted to learn how to play - so 15+ years ago it began. Lessons became opportunities to connect on life, have breakthroughs in learning something new, and make progress toward goals. I've had students of all ages in the last decade as young as 5 and as mature as 65+. 

Over the years, my teaching style has developed more into coaching. Adults learn AMAZINGLY fast (despite some initial denial and resistance), and I guide you along the way. Practice requires discipline, lessons provide the tools and encouragement, and progress ultimately is up to the student. The more you develop your discipline in at-home practice, the more you will improve.  


I believe all humans should learn to express themselves through music. With all of the benefits that it provides, it also is an emotional tool to express feelings that may be more difficult to put into words. I love that I get to guide people to learn and find a new outlet in life.


On a side note, you will likely meet my friendly cats, Odie and Bubba, during lessons. If you have any allergies to cats, I might not be the right teacher for you! 


Odie is a large, furry baby and loves to play and is fascinated by the piano. His favorite time of the day is when piano students come to the house and he gets a ton of attention.

Bubba is a tiny guy who is shy but loves to cuddle. You may see occasional rhino symbols around my house and website as well, which is dedicated to my late kitty, Rhino, who passed away in 2021. He's still my unofficial mascot - and his legacy is being lived through his adopted brothers, Odie and Bubba. 

Piano Themed Products!&

Whether you are a teacher, player, or music lover - here are a few things that I love making! Eventually, I will add my physical products which include piano themed earrings, ornaments and more. I'm hoping to get back to creating things in late summer 2024.

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